Welcome to our modern forging company—a subsidiary of Kovárny VIVA a.s. We design and manufacture closed die forgings from steels of the highest quality. We’re Active, Better, Productive, Efficient, and Reasonable. Aktivní, Lepší, Produktivní, Efektivní a Rozumní.

If you need high-quality closed die forgings or sole forgings, you’re in the right place


We offer high product quality, as well as flexibility and responsibility that meet high demands of the automotive industry as well as other fields. Whether it’s car parts, valve components for nuclear power plants, or titanium components for the healthcare industry that serve to repair the human body, we make it at Alper. We provide the same approach and quality to all of our clients.


We supply parts for a wide range of industrial fields and send them to many countries worldwide. Take a look at the types of products we manufacture in selected fields and the kinds of technical specifications they can have:


In 2018, we transitioned to the integrated management system corporate certification model at the ALPER a.s. forging company and its parent company Kovárna VIVA a.s. in Zlín; it includes these quality fields: ISO 9001 and IATF 16949, ISO 14001 for the environment, and ISO 50001 for energy management. Our work on unifying our integrated management system is focused on successfully meeting all the requirements of the involved parties wherever ALPER and VIVA are active, and the obligations that arise from them—especially in the areas of legislation and the environment.



I’ve been with the company for over ten years. I started at the forging company as an operator on the forging line. In 2014, I transferred to maintenance, which is more familiar to me work-wise. Around the end of 2016, I became a production foreman. When something stops working, we step up, fix it, and solve the problem. That’s what I like about my job—the chance to change something and to get things moving again. And why am I working in Alper? I like machines and technology. I like honest work, and I have a chance to change and improve things. Alper takes good care of its people. And I’m taking care of my family, and my partner and children can count on me.

Jiří Masař Maintenance—Maintenance Foreman

I’ve been doing forging my whole life. It’s been more than 12 years since I started working at Alper. I work at this forging company as an operator on the forging line. We have a great team on our shift, we work on modern forging presses and we kinda enjoy ourselves doing it. It’s hard work, but honest. Forging work won’t give you anything for free. When I work hard, I make good money. I like that my work isn’t all one thing. We do something else each day, and every day we’re making different and new products. I’ve been with the company for over 12 years, and I can safely say that I still enjoy my work, and it still gives me a purpose.

Petr Fojtík Forge—Forging Line Operator

I’ve been working at Alper since 2012; I work at the toolworks making dies for the forging lines. I’m trained as a metal fabricator, and my specialization at high school was Operational Technology. After school, I worked in elevator shaft manufacturing, and then I transferred to the tool-making workshop at Alper. Today I work at the tool-making workshop on CNC EDMs. Me and my team, we’ve thought up and improved tons of things. We work with computers and industrial systems, and we set up the milling machines. It’s complicated work, but very interesting. This may sound like a cliché, but I can’t imagine doing anything else. The guys from work are great, and we can all count on each other, just like my family can count on me.

Karel Nadymáček Toolworks—CNC machining operator

I’ve been working at Alper since 2016. A friend of mine recommended the job to me. I started out here at the metal hardening section, and one thing we do there is blasting for finished forgings. In 2017, we launched Realistic, a new modern line where I’ve been working since it started up. I spent a month of training at our parent company, VIVA forging company, in Martin Kraváčka’s team. My teammates taught me a lot about the technologies and processes for heat treatment of forgings. Now I work at Alper as an operator on the line for heat treatment of forgings—this is a finishing operation. It’s completely computer-controlled. I enjoy it. The people at work are great. A good bunch who support each other.

Pavel Fečo Metal Hardening—Metal Hardening Line Operator

Prostějov is my hometown. I’ve been working at Alper for over two years—I started right after school. I studied engineering, and after graduating, I was searching for a job in my field. Alper was a good choice. Today, I work at the toolworks where we manufacture forging dies. Unfortunately, I didn’t gain any practical experience at school but thanks to friendly teammates I learned it all fast. The people here are fine. I work in engineering. Working with modern CNC machines, in technical software, I configure milling machines and milling parameters. I’m the guy who’s responsible for the finished product. And I like that.

Josef Hrstka Toolworks—CNC machine operator


The ALPER forging company

No matter whether we’ve caught your eye as a reliable business partner and you’d like to cooperate with us, or you’re considering joining our company and starting your career here, we’ll be happy if you get in touch.