We offer high product quality, as well as flexibility and responsibility that meet high demands of the automotive industry as well as other fields. Whether it’s car parts, valve components for nuclear power plants, or titanium components for the healthcare industry that serve to repair the human body, we make it at Alper. You too can join our clients and enjoy the same quality and customer-centric approach.

Our twelve production lines, equipped with twelve forging presses with outputs ranging from 1,000 to 2,500 tons, let us completely develop and manufacture steel closed die forgings in the range from 0.1 to 12 kg for numerous areas—automotive (cars, vans and trucks), forklift parts, hydraulic systems, agricultural technology, engineering, mining, healthcare, and more. Our yearly production volume exceeds 5,000 tons. The most popular products in our portfolio include:


We manufacture and supply components for the assemblies of commercial vehicles that meet high endurance requirements in a variety of conditions of use.


In this category, we manufacture hot-forged forgings used in various assemblies for stabilizers and rear-axle dampening in commercial vehicles, proven under the toughest of conditions: commercial vehicle operations.


In this category, we manufacture a broad spectrum of hot-forged forgings that are part of driveshaft propulsions used in a variety of industrial products, from agricultural machinery, to printing presses, rolling mills, textile machines, and more.


In this category, we manufacture hot-forged components of hydraulic cylinders—piston rod eyes and rear covers in various types and dimensions used in hydraulic cylinders in various industrial machine systems.


In this category, we manufacture hot-forged components of toothed gear systems of differentials and wheel hubs that are then mounted onto commercial vehicles and utility vehicles, once again proven under the toughest conditions: commercial vehicle operations.


Besides forgings for the automotive industry and handling technology, we also manufacture products for other fields where high demands on mechanical properties are combined with high standards for quality and productivity. One example here is prosthetics.