Who we are

We’re a Czech industrial forging company established in 2005 that follows up on the legacy of the Agrostroj Prostějov forging company and the WIKOV plant, which were founded in 1945 through the nationalization of the largest machine engineering plant in the Prostějov region: Prostějov’s plant for producing the Wichterle and Kovařík machines. This was a joint stock company established in 1918.

We manufacture closed die forgings, including austenite and safety parts, from steels of all kinds.

What we do

We produce closed die forgings from steel, formed hot and under pressure, with a good quality-to-price ratio. Our products include forgings prepared with high precision and complex geometry, in both small and large series, made of standardized as well as special materials. The core of our production is closed die forgings for commercial and passenger vehicles, handling technology, transmissions, and hydraulic motors. Part of our production goes to nuclear power plants, agriculture, and the health care industry.

We offer our customers start-to-finish service for our deliveries of closed die forgings—from developing the forging and its structural design, to manufacturing it, to its final processing (cutting and finishing) and logistics services. Our current production capacity is 5,800 tons a year and it’s constantly increasing. The development of a new product usually takes 8–12 weeks. Our whole production process is meticulously monitored to meet the requirements of IATF 16949, ISO 14001, and ISO 50001, and our technology is environmentally friendly as well.


The first company in our lineage is founded: “The F. Wichterle Prostějov Plant for Agricultural Machines, Steam, Gasoline and Gas Motors, Iron and Steel Foundries in Prostějov.” It’s the first cornerstone of our future.
The “F. and J. Kovařík Joint-stock Company for Machines and Motors in Prostějov” is founded—it’s the second cornerstone of our future.
The two largest machine engineering companies are merged, creating the Prostějov joint stock company named “The Prostějov Plant for Wichterle and Kovařík Machines”.
Wichterle’s firm is nationalized and absorbed into the Agrostroj national company under the name Agrostroj Prostějov, Wikov plant.
Agrostroj is broken up and gradually privatized. Agrostroj Prostějov’s, Wikov plant is broken up into multiple small private companies.
The former forging company of Agrostroj Prostějov is privatized by KTSO a.s.; it changes its order portfolio and starts specializing in the automotive industry.
The forging and plastic window divisions are broken off from KTSO a.s., and a new company is established: ALPER a.s.
The company gradually develops; it primarily supplies forgings for the automotive industry.
Production drops by 70% due to the financial crisis. ALPER is purchased by a new owner.
The company slowly recovers from the crisis and gradually increases its production.
ALPER is purchased by Viva a.s., a forging company.
With the help of our new owner, we are massively investing into our company’s development and increasing our production capacity.